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Financial Facepalms: Avoid These 7 Common Trading Mistakes

Whether you're new to trading or have moved on to advanced strategies, there's always room for growth. Our robust educational offering is designed to help you uncover new potential opportunities, avoid pitfalls, and grow your trading prowess.

Use technical analysis to your advantage

Analyze charts to help you identify potential trends, recognize price movements, and craft entry and exit strategies with our technical analysis tools.

Investing Basics: Technical Analysis

Video | Wondering how to decide when to buy or sell a stock? Don't just guess—technical analysis may offer some guidance.
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Mapping Your Exit and Entry Points

Article | Learn to find signals in chart patterns to help recognize potential buy and sell points.
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Use Moving Averages for Stock Trading

Video | Learn about simple moving averages to help identify a potential trend.
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Getting Started with Technical Analysis

Webcast | Check out all our past webcasts to catch up on technical analysis or plan to join upcoming sessions, so you can take the next step toward making more informed trading decisions.

Your options education hub

Whether you're an experienced options trader looking for new strategies or new to options and looking for basics, we've got you.

Investing Basics: Options

Video | Learn how options work.
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Good Eye, Trader: How to Search for the Right Stocks at the Right Time

Article | It's not a guaranteed science, and is a complex subject, but traders can lay the groundwork for a sound  stock selection strategy with a few relatively simple components.
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How Options Pricing Works

Video | Options pricing can be complicated, but it works a little like car insurance.
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Getting Started with Options

Webcast | Are you wondering how to take the first step with trading and hedging options? Access all of our past options webcasts, while making sure you tune into our upcoming webcasts.
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The options center

We offer additional resources for options strategy and education

Access more of the market with futures and forex

Learn the basics of futures and forex and futures strategies designed to hedge against market downturns.

Investing Basics: Futures

Video | Gain a better understanding of futures trading, including contract specifications like tick size, contract size, delivery, and margin requirements.
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Considering Futures to  Hedge Against Market Downturns?

Article | Why would investors consider futures-based hedging strategies? There's one big reason.
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Leveraging Capital with Futures

Webcast | Check out all of our past webcasts to catch up on leveraging capital with futures, or join upcoming sessions.

Increase your buying power with margin trading

Margin trading gives you up to twice the purchasing power of a traditional cash account. Learn how margin can increase your buying power.

Basics of Margin Trading for Investors

Article | Trading on margin can magnify your returns, but it can also increase your losses. Learn the basics, benefits, and risks of margin trading.
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Margin Strategies: Three Ways to Use Margin & Leverage

Video | Learn strategies designed to maximize the use of margin while managing the risks of leverage.
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Looking to diversify your portfolio with unique investments?

Learn more about the risks and features of alternative types of investments like cryptocurrency, futures, real estate, and more.

Investing Basics: Bitcoin and Blockchain

Video | Everyone seems to be talking about cryptocurrencies. But, if you're confused about what they are or how they work, we can help you understand.
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Discover our full trading experience

Trade with the total package. We offer award-winning education resources, innovative technology, extensive product access, and a trade desk made up of real traders who can answer your questions.

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