Investor Movement Index (IMX)

Introducing an index with a pulse: The Investor Movement Index®

At last, data that goes beyond what investors say they’re doing, and some insight into what they actually are doing. The Investor Movement Index (IMX) is the first-ever index based on real investing behavior. There’s no need to go it alone in today’s volatile market. Because now TD Ameritrade puts the insight of one of the nation’s largest online investment communities at your fingertips.
Investor Movement Index
Investor Movement Index

How it Works

Using data from one of the nation’s largest online investment communities, the IMX gives you a snapshot of investor sentiment. It does this by analyzing and averaging the holdings/positions, trading activity, and other data from real portfolios held by real investors each month and boils it down to an index.

How to Read the Data

  • Read IMX trends over time and combine with other market indicators and opinion-based research to get a more complete view of retail investor sentiment.
  • If a score increases month over month, that likely means that investors are getting more bullish. If a score decreases month over month, investors are becoming bearish (or at least less bullish than before).

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