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Understand what fuels the ups and downs of the market, and manage your investments accordingly.

Five Option Strategies for High-Volatility Trading

Article | High volatility bullish option strategies include short puts and short put vertical spreads.
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Putting Up a Good Defense: Defensive Sectors & Stocks Strategy for Investors

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An informed investor is a confident investor. Especially when equipped with minute to minute analysis, and real-time market insights, strategy education and platform tools. TD Ameritrade Network interprets market news for you, so you can strike when the time is right.
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Browse the latest on earnings reports

Everything you need to know as you head into earnings season.

Trading Earnings Season? A Few Options Strategies to Consider

Article | Earnings season can be a time of higher- than-typical volatility, which can mean an increase in risk as well as opportunity.
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Earnings Have Your Head Spinning? Here’s How to Find Helpful Tools

Options Straddle Strategies & Earnings Events: What Are the Risks?

Market insights from today’s industry professionals

Improve your strategy with tips from industry pros on how to manage the market’s ups and downs.

5 Top-Performing Stocks of the 2020 Bear Market

Video | See what stocks thrived this past year, and why they did so.
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Get a new perspective on the world economy

Understand how some of the most important industries around the globe affect the economy and—more importantly—your investments.

Fiscal Stimulus vs. Monetary Stimulus and Why We Need Both

Article | Each attempts to give the economy a lift by encouraging consumers and businesses to spend money. But they differ in several ways.
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What Bankruptcy and Bailouts Mean for Investors | Market Q&A

Picture of house being built

Housing Market as an Investment Indicator

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